1. In the long term, dentures may be less cost effective. Dentures don’t last as long as some other tooth replacement options, so you should expect to purchase new dentures every several years.
  2. Dentures are not the most natural-looking option for teeth replacement. If your looks are important, keep in mind that dentures could be identified more easily than other tooth replacement options.
  3. Denture wearers may experience bone loss in their jawbone where teeth are missing. This can lead to changes in your appearance, as well as a need to purchase new dentures.
  4. Dentures must be cleaned outside of the mouth by rinsing them and soaking them overnight. Dentures are not like natural teeth. They require special maintenance procedures.
  5. Dentures can lead to embarrassing social moments, as they may slip or click when talking, laughing, eating or kissing. This may be the top reason people don’t choose dentures.