We all want a happy, healthy life. The good news is there’s so much information out there within easy reach that can help us do that. However, with so much information things can get complicated so sometimes I just like to step back and look at the bigger picture through a quick checklist.

Following then is a checklist of 52 tips that can help us all on the road to a happier, healthier and better life.

1. Smile more
2. Surround yourself with good company
3. Find someone to love and that loves you
4. Enjoy nature and the outdoors — there is a lifetime’s worth of wonder there
5. Make more time for travel and adventures
6. Seek out people, places and situations that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and make you laugh outside
7. Get out of debt and once out do your best to stay out
8. Find and follow your passion
9. Save a little more often
10. Fill your life with things and people you are passionate about
11. Help others and give back
12. Be grateful for the way things are
13. Stop comparing
14. Do something silly (but not reckless) once every now and again and remember we all have an inner child
15. Wake up early and catch the sunrise every now and again
16. Dream big and invest time, energy and effort into trying to make those dreams happen
17. Live a life on your own terms

18. Floss
19. More vegetables and fruits
20. Less sugar and processed nonsense
21. Find a form of exercise/sport you enjoy doing that supports good health and doesn’t beat you up and do it (exercise can and should be hard at times but you should enjoy it!)
22. Make exercise and good nutrition life habits
23. Stress and worry less
24. Make sure your exercise program fits your own personal goals and suits your body type and is something you can do for life (remember, it should build you up not break you down)
25. If you eat meat make it organic as much as you can
26. Strength train one to three times a week (free weights, bodyweight, kettle bells and so on)
27. Walk more
28. Less sitting
29. Use the stairs more often
30. Sprint occasionally (but as with all things exercise, ease into these and learn proper form!)
31. Stretch (gently) what’s tight and strengthen what’s weak
32. Improve your posture

A Better Life
33. Simplify, unclutter and make space
34. Recognize and enjoy the many small pleasures in your life
35. Enjoy the moment — it won’t last forever
36. Make time for family and friends
37. Take on less but make that less the important stuff to you
38. Slow down — you can’t sprint all the way
39. Surround yourself with good, positive people who have your best interests at heart
40. Never stop learning
41. Judge others less
42. Learn how to say no without guilt
43. Learn how to say yes without doubt
44. Not everyone will like you or have your best interests at heart, be okay with that but avoid these people if you can
45. More action less analysis – get out of the blocks
46. Read more
47. Repeat this to yourself regularly “You are good enough right now”
48. Avoid gossipers, critics, haters and other energy and soul suckers
49. Learn something new
50. Check email less
51. Put the smartphone down and unplug from the interwebs/Matrix occasionally — there’s a whole world out there
52. Find and live your purpose