Not everyone is destined to be a dentist. It takes a special kind of person to pursue a career in dentistry and have the heart to care for patients. There’s no question that a dentist must have an extensive level of education, master the art and sciences, and understand the multitude of procedures in order to practice quality dentistry.  A great dentist must not only have the knowledge to carry out the duties of his or her profession, but must also have, or develop, a series of characteristics, skills and other intrinsic qualities, as well.

A key component of a great dentist is a sincere and thorough inquiry with a patient about their state of oral health. They work with patients that have concerns and fears when undergoing dental work. They take all complaint of pain seriously and strive to provide a definitive solution to a concern.

After thoroughly reviewing a patient’s health status they provide patients prevention and treatment options while explaining the risks and benefits of each choice. A great dentist will never get upset if you don’t choose a preferred option or seek a second opinion.

Education is a key factor in finding a great dentist, A UOP dentist with LVI CE is a great start to finding a great dentist

They continually take education courses since dentistry is constantly evolving. With the introduction of new technologies and procedures, dental practitioners must keep up-to-date with latest scientific advancements, techniques, and new technologies.

Skills of a great dentist


  • Dexterity – Most importantly, a dentist must have excellent mental dexterity.  The ability to think and act quickly to diagnose and recommend treatment for various oral conditions.  Also, dentistry is very much a hands-on profession and a great dentist will maintain physical dexterity as well throughout one’s career.  A sense of coordination and manual dexterity is constantly required to make incredibly precise movements to restore deteriorated or defective oral tissues.
  • Careful focus on Details – Dentists can be the very best resource for early diagnosis of systemic/bodily ailments. Many health conditions reveal their first indicators in the mouth. A dentist is constantly identifying extremely small problems that are very easy for an individual to miss and assists in seeking treatment for any systemic problem that may be detected.

Qualities of a great dentist

The ability to feel rewarded by helping others – The primary responsibility of any great dentist is to help people safeguard their teeth and to alleviate pain and problems that oral diseases and disorders can cause.

A confident and reassuring demeanor – Most patients are uncomfortable or, in some cases, terrified by the very idea of going to the dentist. A confident and reassuring demeanor will typically be able to ease some of an individual’s fears and allow the individual to feel more safe and comfortable in his or her office.

Good interpersonal skills. A great dentist must comfort and distract an individual while he or she is working, but also to explain the oral problems that an individual may be experiencing, what procedures he or she is performing to correct the problems, and what techniques an individual can use to avoid the problems in the future.

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A willingness and ability to follow a textbook approach – A dentist has to follow a specific set of practices and procedures to protect and/or repair an individual’s teeth. A great dentist should have is the ability to be exacting in his or her work. Going to the dentist should be a rewarding experience as it provides assurance that very prominent and oftentimes painful health conditions are stable or treated promptly. A dentist that loves his job will make his patients feel safe, healthy and comfortable with their dental treatment.

Technology -Supplies-Team Members also play a great role in the value your treatment as well.

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