At quip, we’re all about making healthy choices easy and rewarding. We simplify twice daily brushing and 3-monthly brush head upkeep, so that you can enjoy the rewards of sticking to a healthy brushing routine! One of those rewards is being able to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings, without the guilt! But there is more to guilt-free snacking than just regular brushing. Enter Graze, a snack delivery service that combines simplicity with healthiness, by delivering handpicked, wholesome snacks to your door, on your schedule!


How It Started

quip knows how busy your day-to-day life is, and how much it can affect making healthy choices. Graze recognized the same negative effects on our snacking habits; the busier we are, the more we snack, and most convenient snack choices on the market are anything but healthy! Graze set out to change that by sending you a variety of wholesome snack packs on your schedule, so you’re never caught buying a high-in-sugar candy bar from the vending machine again!


How It Works

Graze offers over 100 nutritious snacks, including snacks under 150 calories, sweet snacks, savory snacks, or a sampler set! You choose whether you want your box delivered once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. You can further customize your box by giving feedback on the snacks you receive, saying whether you liked, loved or hated it, and then swap in other snacks you’d like to try out!


Why We Love It

Graze is all about customization and making healthy choices easy with snacks that you’ll crave over processed junk food. A team of taste experts collaborates to make the best snacking combinations possible and are always looking to find new ingredients. Graze also gives back, having founded a farming school in Uganda where the community learns to grow, maintain, and harvest fruit in their own orchards. Graze is also environmentally conscious, with all of their packing being made of biodegradable and recyclable materials. We love Graze because their design and ideology matches ours perfectly, to make caring for your health easy and enjoyable!


Why You’ll Love It

Choosing the right foods has an important impact on your oral health, and Graze simplifies snacking, one of the toughest areas to stay healthy, with a variety of foods that are truly wholesome. With Graze , you’ll never be caught hungry or with your hand in the cookie jar, with snacks delivered straight to you starting at just $11.99 for an 8-snack box! Want to try it out? Your first 4-snack sampler box is on us!