Talk with Your Family

Surveys have found that parents of teens find it more difficult to talk about weight with their child than talking about sex, drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Weight is a hard topic for your child to ask about and a hard topic for you to respond to in a way that is considerate to the personal issues your child may have with weight.

Weigh In: A Conversation Guide for Parents and Adult Caregivers provides various ways to talk with your kids about weight and health. The guide gives you sample scenarios, tips, and talking points so you and your child can feel comfortable with a conversation on health.

Hablar Con Sus Hijos Sobre el Peso y la Salud is the Spanish version of the Weigh In guide.

The Weigh In Discussion Toolkit gives you everything you need to hold a group discussion.

As a parent or caregiver, you are the leader of your family. To have a healthy family you have to lead them in healthy ways. And you can’t lead your family to be healthier if you aren’t healthy yourself. This means you must be dedicated to including exercise and healthy eating habits in your daily life and making sure you give your children the opportunity to see you staying committed to those healthy choices. The example you set today will remain with your kids for a lifetime.