Always go with your instinct… If you think, you should get a second opinion you probably should. If your dentist has prescribed you with dental work that you are unsure of, getting a second opinion will educate you as well as help to assure, you are making the right choice, when it comes to something as important as you or your family.

When should you get a second opinion?

You may want to consider a having a second opinion dentist if:
*You have received dental work that is not solving your problem or situation.
*You have had a major diagnosis such as Oral Cancer.
*You are unsure if the recommended treatment is necessary or about the fees that are involved.
*You do not have the confidence or rapport with your current dentist.

When it comes to your health or that of anyone in your family, you should always feel confident in the doctors and staff where you receive your care. All dentists have unique training, and perspectives. Some feel more comfortable or specialize in certain areas of dentistry. Consulting a professional in the area of your concern can certainly be advantageous to receiving the best possible care available to you. A professional will offer you expertise in both diagnosis, and treatment. When in doubt the benefits of getting a second opinion far outweighs that of the alternative.

How to go about getting a second opinion is as easy as asking your primary dentist to recommend a specialist. Also, available to you are many dental associations online that will be more than happy to refer you to a qualified dentist in your area. Next, don’t disregard the weight of the word of mouth. If you have a friend or family member who can recommend a doctor to you based on personal experience, this is valuable advice. Another option would also be to contact a local dental school for information and recommendations.

Once you have found your second opinion dentist some questions you may want to ask are:
Do you agree with what was recommended to me? What are the benefits to the procedure, and will it enhance my health? If I choose to not have the treatment what will happen? How long will the benefits last, and what are your fee’s for the treatment.

The most valuable thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable with your care, and treatment plan. A fresh outlook on your situation can only benefit you. After all, there is only one you!