Saliwell is the First FDA Approved medical device for patients with dry mouth (Xerostomia)fda-approved

What is Saliwell?

Saliwell helps create saliva for your mouth by working with the lingual nerve. Saliwell is the first and only FDA approved oral appliance that helps create saliva inside your dry mouth. Over 15 years in the making with clinical trials that prove out that the Saliwell is a game changer for those that suffer from dry mouth.

Safe and effective

Leading dentists around the world use and endorse Saliwell and the technology behind this revolutionary product for treating dry mouth. older-womanThe Saliwell has proven to be safe and reliable and clinical results continue to astound patients every day that have been looking for relief from dry mouth

Lightweight & Easy-to-use

Saliwell was designed to fit your lifestyle. Use the hands-free device for just 15 minutes per day during routine activities such as reading, watching TV. Listening to music, browsing the internet or taking a shower and even driving your car.

The benefits of Saliwell

Dry mouth is a global problem affecting over 100 million people worldwide. The Saliwell allows people to lead the life they were meant to live by creating saliva or wetness inside the mouth that keeps the bacteria at bay that can destroy a set of teeth within 60 days. The Saliwell provides relief to your dry mouth, tongue and throat by assisting your mouth in the creation of moisture through saliva. It allows you to chew your food easier, talk and even kiss the ones you love.

Designed to fit your lifestyle

Technology meets wisdom and innovation. A customized oral appliance that takes only 15 minutes per day to get the relief that you need to move forward and live life. Hope inside and oral mouthpiece. Get healthy today and get back your life and loved ones.