Give Your Pet A Longer Life

Doc Broderick’s pet food is human-grade, helping pets live longer.

Keep your pet healthy

While you’re eating healthier foods, who’s looking out for your pet? It takes a caring, concerned pet owner to start reading pet food labels the way you read your own. If you’re trying to eat healthy, foods, what’s stopping you from feeding your pet the same?

Cornucopia Pet Foods are full of vitamins and minerals that help prolong life and keep your pets healthy. It protects pets from cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease.


The leading causes of cancer in pets comes from carcinogens within pet foods. Nitrates are used to preserve the color of food and keep it looking fresh. Ethoxyquin, a pesticide no longer allowed in human food is still commonly used in pet food to kill bug eggs. MSG is in almost every food that contains gravy (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein). Finally, added sugar–an anti-nutrient that stops white blood cells from functioning–works to destroy your pet’s first line of defense.

  • Our mission is to give you a pet food that is non-toxic, human-grade, and human tested so that your pet will maintain a healthy life.

Kidney Disease:

Ordinary pet foods contain many low-grade by-products. These non-usable proteins are digested, broken down in the liver, and accumulated in the kidneys leading to kidney disease. The kidneys work overtime to eliminate these “poisons.” This forces your pet to over-drink in an attempt to compensate for increasingly dysfunctional kidneys.

  • Cornucopia Pet Foods are made with the highest quality, ingredients that are easy to digest.

Heart Disease:

A common result of the over-abuse of salt in pet foods.

  • Cornucopia Pet Foods contain ⅓ of the 1% of salt found in ordinary pet foods to protect your pets from heart disease.