Patients usually pick bridges over implants for two reasons—price and surgery.  However, statistics show that implants fit better, are more cost-effective, and last longer than bridges. In reality, dental implants often provide higher value for patients interested in maintaining sound dental health.

Many oral surgeons and general dental practitioners regard dental implants as the newer standard of tooth replacement. The reasons behind this statement are:

  • The process of dental bridging involves tooth grinding procedure, and it results in an irreplaceable loss of the original tooth. The bridge gradually starts leaking over a period, and bacteria can creep into the root area, which leads to decay.
  • Dental bridges usually deteriorate the adjacent teeth due to the strain it causes. Implants don’t create such problems. Bridges are not safe for the affected tooth and its neighbors.
  • Bridges are artificial dental elements fixed on ground teeth. Conversely, implants integrate into the bone. Hence, they become a part of your mouth.

Implants Function Like Natural Teeth

One of the principal reasons to opt for implants is that they resemble natural teeth and function like them.  In fact, there are no other dental options available that function as well as natural teeth than implants.  Bridges are notorious for creating large gap due to re-absorption of the bone, which causes awkward appearance after a period.

Implants do not harm the bone and act simply like the tooth sitting on natural roots.  When any load is placed on the implant, the bone is stimulated the same way a tooth stimulate the jawbone.  If there is a loss of bone with any prior procedure or any other reason; bone grafting is done to ensure appropriate density and placement of an implant.

Implants Appear Natural

Dental implants are more successful because the replaced tooth emerges in a natural way (directly from the gum). A bridge is an artificial concept with a focus on the substitution of the missing tooth in the region over the gum and is, therefore, unnatural.

The process of dental implants is much better than getting a bridge.  Hence, many patients see the benefit of the initial cost and procedure associated with dental implants.

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