Snacking made healthy, with Graze

At quip, we’re all about making healthy choices easy and rewarding. We simplify twice daily brushing and 3-monthly brush head upkeep, so that you can enjoy the rewards of sticking to a healthy brushing routine! One of those rewards [...]

There are Creatures Living in Your Mouth – The Microbiome Explained

Extensive research shows that your oral microbiome “constitutes an important link between oral and general health” for multiple reasons. According to quip dental advisor and Askthedentist.com founder Dr. Burhenne, 45 percent of the bacterial community that exists in our stomachs (Stomach Saturn?) is [...]

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Your Dentist

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Your Dentist. You can Save a Life Today by reading this article and being proactive with your family and friends. Struggling with snoring and sleeplessness? Call your dentist. Yes your dentist. Snoring and [...]

Gum Disease Tied to Yet Another Deadly Illness

Add one more reason to why you should brush and floss regularly: Gum disease bacteria are now tied to higher odds of esophageal cancer. The study tracked the oral health of 122,000 Americans for 10 years. It found that [...]

Bittner Dental Clinic | How To Eat Sugar

Bittner Dental Clinic | How To Eat Sugar It’s less a matter of how much of a cavity-causing food you eat — what matters more is how long it takes you to eat it. The shorter the exposure to [...]