The dental hygienist is a healthcare professional that is part of a professional dental team that provides high-quality dental care. The responsibility of dental hygienists is giving advice and information to patients on how to maintain proper oral health, preventing oral diseases, and treating varying conditions of gum disease.

Dental hygienists have undertaken extensive schooling and training to provide good dental hygiene care. An Associate of Arts degree from college is the minimum requirement to apply for Dental Hygiene school where 2 years of demanding education combines classroom knowledge and clinical practice.

A good dental hygienist needs to have:

  • High ethical values
  • Thorough knowledge of dental sciences
  • Excellent clinical dexterity
  • Friendly one-on-one communication skills
  • Critical judgment and decision making skills
  • Ability to multi-task

In addition to all the above mention it is very important to patients that a hygienist possesses pleasant and respectful chair side manner. A good dental hygienist has suitable physical stamina to provide preventive and therapeutic treatment routinely throughout a given day.  Other skills include:

  • Self-motivation and a willingness to work diligently
  • Responsibility and organization
  • Ability to be self-sufficient and complete a multitude of clinical tasks
  • Being patient and empathetic to patients of varying oral health condition

A good dental hygienist has the ability to put fearful patients at ease. However, the most important thing a good dental hygienist has, is love for what they do and making sure every patient receives improved oral health knowledge and treatment under their care.

Bittner Dental Clinic Hygiene Team

Rita Ripp and Enid Delaney are team members at Bitter Dental Clinic. Both are exceptional at what they do and both have over 30 years of experience and both have high standards of care. We are blessed at Bittner Dental Clinic to have them on our team .


Make an appointment today and experience two great ladies serving the dental community in Palm Desert.