Anyone who is suffering from gum recession should consider visiting our clinic to discuss treatment solutions, including the use of Invisalign®. While most people do not consider how straightening their teeth can impact their gum health, it can. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that crooked teeth are more likely to trap food and plaque in the space between teeth.

It can be difficult to clean these areas. By leaving plaque in place, teeth are more susceptible to decay and gum disease is more likely to occur. When a person suffers from gum disease, the eventual result is gum recession and potential tooth loss. By straightening a person’s teeth, we can not only improve the appearance of his or her smile but we can also improve oral health.

Lowering the risks

Straightening teeth makes it less likely that they will suffer from common conditions like decay, gum disease, or gum recession. Furthermore, when comparing to wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign® can reduce the likelihood of orthodontic work causing additional gum problems. There are no areas for teeth to trap plaque as there are when we place brackets on each individual tooth.

It can be even more difficult to clean teeth with braces than those without. Thus, someone who is struggling with gum health prior to braces is likely to experience additional issues after the fact. Since the Invisalign® clear aligners are removable when eating and brushing teeth, there is nothing to trap additional food and plaque

Patients simply need to brush and floss like normal, twice per day. This treatment does not increase the risk for gum problems at all. For this reason, people with concerns about gum recession will benefit from straightening their teeth using clear aligners instead of braces.


It is possible for Invisalign® to work to stimulate bone growth as well. This is important for anyone who has suffered from resorption as a result of gum disease. An additional benefit of clear aligners, when it comes to preventing gum recession, is that when teeth are out of position, it can lead to unnatural wear and cause problems with certain areas of the teeth and jaw.

By moving teeth into the correct position, this symptom can be mitigated and the chance of reducing future issues. Some patients experience bone regrowth through the use of an Invisalign® treatment as well.

Gum recession is a serious condition

There are many health benefits to straightening teeth with clear aligners. A decreased risk for decay and gum disease are among them, which means that gum recession will be less likely to occur as well. This is important because when the gums recede, more of the tooth structure and nerves are exposed.

Higher exposure can lead to the teeth decaying, the bone beginning to wear away and tooth loss. Many adults who lose their teeth, do so because of gum disease and gum recession. If gum disease or recession is a concern, we recommend visiting our clinic right away for an examination and treatment.