Full Mouth Reconstruction. Change your smile, change your life. Vitality 101


Have you lost, broken or injured your teeth or gums? Are your teeth worn down from grinding or acidic food/drinks? Do you experience ongoing pain in your jaw? Do you get regular headaches due to your bite being misaligned? Do you have major dental issues that you want to correct? Do you think you may need reconstruction of your teeth/gums? Are you unhappy with your teeth or your smile?

Full mouth reconstruction is a specialized treatment requiring extensive training so it’s critical to consult a dentist with expertise and to do a comprehensive examination to discuss your goals and treatment options.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction restores, repairs or replaces teeth and is tailored specifically for you to achieve the smile you want. Typically a variety of different procedures are done depending on what issues are being addressed and the number of teeth lost, decayed, or damaged. Not only does full mouth reconstruction improve the visual appearance of your smile, but also the functional ability to eat, speak and smile.


Trauma to the mouth area is one of the most common reasons you may have lost teeth or injured your teeth and gums. Teeth may also decay or become severely worn down due to grinding at night or consuming acidic food/drink or because of reflux. In some cases, mouth cancer, tooth disease, or neglect can lead to severe problems with your teeth.


After a detailed assessment of your teeth, we can determine the extent of the problem, and whether full mouth reconstruction is the best option for you. Understanding your goals is important so we can devise a personalized plan tailored to your unique issues. Treatment may include a combination of crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, and other procedures, or sometimes dentures may be necessary. It takes careful planning and meticulous technique to achieve the best, most beautiful results.

The top 3 areas to address during full mouth reconstruction include physical considerations, aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Physical Considerations
    We start off with a very thorough review of your medical history and oral/facial history with you to ensure that our treatment plan factors in any current health conditions or concerns.
  2. Aesthetics
    We will guide you through every detail that applies to your treatment plan from choosing the right color and materials (ceramic, porcelain or acrylic), to determining spacing, shape, alignment and smile balance.
  3. Functionality
    We work with you to schedule based on your availability and how each specific procedure factors into the bigger full mouth reconstruction picture, accounting for recovery times. Improving functionality of your speech, eating and smiling is always factored into the equation. Lastly, ongoing care and maintenance is key and a follow-up may be recommended.

Full mouth reconstruction can be complex and requires thoughtful planning and expertise. Dr. Bittner has extensive training and experience so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the very best care. She has performed over 150 full mouth conversions and her national and international following speaks volumes.