February is Pet Dental Health Month. Sorry we do not treat pets but we have a great referral on our blog for you. mouthwash365.com

As February is well under way, I thought it would be a nice idea to set up a series about dental health and your dog, in honour of Pet Dental Health Month. Pet owners always have lots of questions about clean teeth and good breath, so I’ll be giving you some easy steps that you can do at home to make sure your dog’s mouth is as healthy as can be!

  1. Not all dogs are comfortable with having their mouths touched, so start by gently handling it with your fingers. You can give treats to show that this is a positive thing, or even dip your fingers in chicken or beef stock.
  2. Once your pup is comfortable at this stage, introduce a tooth brush. There are lots of options for you. A soft-bristled human toothbrush will work as will an electric toothbrush or a 3-pronged doggy toothpaste. If your dog resists, you can always go back to the finger method, but try a finger brush.
  3. Lastly, do not use regular, people toothpaste. We can spit it out, but a dog cannot. Instead, try to find a natural or organic toothpaste in your local pet store. Or, you can easily make some with ordinary ingredients you probably already have at home. Take a peak at this recipe by Organic Authority.

So remember to take care of your pet as best you can and brush his teeth! Stay tuned for more tips throughout the month!