Facts about Sleep Apnea

The 9 worst accidents worldwide over the last 50 years were caused by someone that had sleep apnea

Americans spent 44 billion dollars on sleep aids in 2017 with little change in their poor sleep habits

300,000 auto accidents were caused by folks with sleep apnea in 2017

Thousands died from these accidents and billions of dollars were spent on these accidents

Companies across our nation are losing billions each year because of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a silent killer that comes without any warning , newborns to folks in the eighties are affected

Question for you?snoring-diagram

How many deaths would it take before you shared some info with someone you know that snores or that is tired during the day?

400,000 deaths last year? One million deaths before you do something for someone else?

What if one of your kids or your spouse died from Sleep Apnea….would you act then on helping someone you know?

Dr Bittner is launching a campaign to save 100,000 people per year that have Sleep Apnea to over 60,000 dentists March 1st 2018
Someone needs to stand for the innocents that are losing their lives to this silent killer. Someone.

Will you join us in getting the word out to someone you know today. You can send us an email and we will find a dentist, a doctor and a sleep center that can help. You can send the sleep survey on this blog to get the ball rolling. They cn fill it out and send it in and someone will reach out to them.


The black and white truth about Sleep Apnea. Shaq the NBA star has Sleep Apnea. A very large man that fits the description of what people think a person would look like if they were suffering from sleep apnea.. Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live has Sleep Apnea. Small blonde and petite, the opposite of Shaq when it comes to size. Sleep Apnea is everywhere and is killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Over 1 million people died from Sleep Apnea globally in 2017. Every continent in the world is fighting Sleep Apnea and they are all losing the battle and the people that lose their loved ones are asking why they weren’t told anything.

You can make a difference. Please pass on mouthwash365.com to friends and family that need our help. A simple sleep survey and someone that cares can make the difference.

True Story: Dec 2017

3 weeks ago Dr Bitter was sitting in her frontroom at night watching an NBA Game where Shaq ws commentating . The Dr took one look at Shaq and knew something else was going on besides suffering from Sleep Apnea. She could tell that he wasn’t wearing his CPAP and that he was in trouble. Her husband helped the doctor reach out through Charles Barkley’s website, his model girlfriend’s website and his managers website with a warning to get Shaq some help. Shaq called and the doctor found someone in Atlanta that could treat Shaq. One person can make the difference in someones life. Shaq is no different then the Simon’s or the Gonzalez family.

Shaq does have a voice that most us will never have. Getting the message out is important to all of us. Think about the thousands of children dying from SIDS. Nobody told these women about Sleep Apnea in babies. KNIT HEALTH is now reaching out to these ladies. What about the kids in school being misdiagnosed with ADHD. Look up the story on Youtube about Saving Connor Deegan and see if you don’t shed a tear for the mothers facing the same problems Connor’s mom did today.

Think about the thousands of marriages that are being split apart because of the snoring. Separate lives and separate rooms. The destruction is endless.

If you know someone that snores or that is tired during the day you can save a life or help add 10 to 15 years on to their lifecycle.

Dr Bittner and her husband