As you know, oral health is important to our daily lives. Each year, millions of adults and children head to the dental office for a check up, cancer screening, and a thorough professional dental cleaning. Here is what to expect at your professional dental cleaning.

Kick back and relax…

Most dental cleanings take between 30 minutes and an hour and are vital to removing gum disease causing tartar that cannot be removed without professional assistance.

Your dental hygienist will initially review your dental history, ask questions about your daily dental routines, ask about any unusual oral troubles and discuss previous dental problems. Let them know if you’re taking any medications or have changes to your medical history.

If the cleaning is part of a yearly check-up, the dentist may take X-rays to assess areas our your mouth that are only detectable using this technology.

A professional dental cleaning is an ongoing preventive procedure that should be very comfortable in the absence of progressive gum inflammation. If you have evident gum or tooth sensitivity, its a good idea to discuss that discomfort with your hygienist at the onset of your appointment.

The dental hygienist may begin the cleaning by examining your mouth and teeth for inflamed or bleeding gums, defects related to existing dental restorations, teeth decay, infection, sores, or bony concerns including impacted teeth.

A hygienist’s role during your appointment is to provide tried and true measures to help you prevent common dental diseases between visits and during your daily routines.  A hygienist motivates patients to perform practical habits that encourage optimal oral health.

After the dental hygienist performs the initial cleaning. The dentist will evaluate the mouth including a cancer screening, review of gum, teeth, and address any concerns that you may have related to your oral health.

If the examination and X-rays show signs of any dental issues your dentist will discuss this with you. If any signs of periodontal disease are present, more comprehensive treatment may be recommended.

At the end of the visit, the dentist will discuss your oral condition with you, as well as suggested treatments, which may require additional visits if you have other dental needs. Your dentist will usually recommend having a professional dental cleaning, or “prophylaxis” every three to six months, depending on your level of gum health.  It’s a good idea to schedule your next cleanings well in advance, so as to keep regular cleaning appointments and not allow oral conditions to go undetected or treated.

Now you know what to expect at your dental cleaning. To Schedule your appointment at Bittner Dental Clinic