Bitter Dental Clinic | Boutique Dental Practice with a Soft Human Touch

IN A WORLD OF RAPIDLY evolving scientific and technological advancements, we see continuous, dedicated study as an obligation. Our commitment to teaching, publishing and learning from the best and brightest in our profession enables our clients to benefit from the most current and quality conscious health care available.

While always offering the newest technological and artistic advantages, we pledge not to lose what is most important: the “Human Touch“.


Feeling taken care of in a medical setting comes from genuine interest and concern for your comfort and well being by trusted friends.  Instead of high turnover assembly line dentistry, we purposely limit the size of our client list so that we can build lifelong friendships.  Our sincere hope is that every time you come to our Palm Desert or Rancho Santa Fe office you will feel as though you are coming to see a good and trusted friend.

“For all its scientific power, medicine is not a work of science. Medicine is a work of service, and service is a special kind of love”.      Dr. Bittner Toohey