Advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry requires hundreds of hours of post-graduate training. Most patients are surprised to learn that the majority of dental schools do not teach any courses in cosmetic or advanced restorative dentistry, and the few that do are usually limited to introductory courses. Gifted with an artistic eye, a rigorous program of post-graduate training, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Dr. Bittner has become one of the most highly trained and most credentialed dentists in the world today. Her accomplishments are many including two innovation awards from Align Technologies (Invisalign).

In 2014 Dr. Bittner became one of the top recognized dentists in the country. LVI and Spear work with the best dentist’s who have made a determined effort to rise to the highest level of her or his capability. These highly accomplished individuals have demonstrated their levels of understanding and implementation of their training, and have been shown to possess excellent clinical, behavioral, and managerial skills. They are continual students and learners who will settle for nothing less than their best effort for the benefit of those patients who seek their services.

Spear and LVI trained dentists are challenged to:

  • Know themselves and their patients,
  • Know their work,
  • Keep abreast of emerging technology and knowledge,
  • Master these to the absolute best of their ability and Help patients make appropriate choices to achieve comprehensive treatment both functionally and esthetically.

Spear and LVI dentists are taught how to:

  • Treat their patients as individuals
  • Do complete and thorough examinations
  • Take enough time to listen and answer questions fully and
  • Create a practice that reflects their own personal values.

Complete understanding of advanced occlusal and esthetic principals help Dr. Bittner’s quest to offer optimal care to her patients. The goal is to help create and maintain long-lasting comfort, function, and naturally beautiful teeth.

Spear | LVI | Two Top CE educational facilities in the world

Under the tutelage of world-renowned dentist Dr. Frank Spear, the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry provides dentists with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for the ever-changing field of dentistry. LVI’s continuing education curriculum provides training in step-by-step diagnosis and complex treatment planning that integrates esthetics, occlusion, restoration, and periodontics. Mastery of these skills allows each dentist to practice a level of dentistry that sets them apart from their colleagues and makes the experience for their patients truly exceptional

Committed Continuing Education

Dr. Bittner’s commitment to continuing education is also shared by her staff. Her staff members attend a CE classes  outside of the office learning various aspects of restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, practice management, dental laboratory procedures, and hygiene advancements. Skill and tender loving care combined with comprehensive knowledge of dentistry ensure both excellent dental care and a positive dental experience.