Circular motions, up, down, and don’t forget the back teeth and tongue.  There are many benefits to brushing your teeth and we are taught this from childhood up into adulthood. Oral hygiene is important, got to keep those pearly whites shinning and the breath fresh. However according to a recent study from the University of California, daily brushing is associated with a lower risk of developing dementia and a gang of other potential health risk.

Daily brushing has been shown to be a boon to your health in many other ways, as well. From maintaining a healthy weight to decreasing the risk for erectile dysfunction, it’s wise to keep your smile healthy. Below are 8 reasons to keep up with a daily brushing routine.

  1.  Prevent Heart Disease
  2. Prevent Stroke
  3. Prevent Gum Disease
  4. Prevent Pneumonia
  5. Promote Healthy Babies
  6. Keeps Your Eating In Check
  7. Helps Your Brain
  8. Promote A Healthy Sex Life