Why is Sleep Apnea a Big Deal?

Are You Always Tired?

Daytime tiredness and fatigue are common symptoms associated with sleep apnea. Because the disorder causes breathing difficulties that promote intermittent waking, sufferers aren’t able to attain consistent periods of restful, uninterrupted sleep. Often, these problems manifest in the form of maintenance insomnia, which is characterized by an inability to stay asleep. On the other hand, many times, sufferers aren’t even aware that they are having problems until daytime fatigue raises concerns.

Many Suffer without Knowing

Since sleep apnea inhibits healthy breathing, sufferers often experience mild oxygen deprivation. When this occurs, their brains alert their bodies to awaken and gasp for hair. This can occur numerous times throughout the night, without causing a sufferer to regain full consciousness. All too often, sleep apneics believe they are sleeping fine, when – in reality – they are experiencing shallow, non-restorative sleep, which leaves them feeling tired the following day.

Not All Sleep the Same

Although most healthy people sleep between seven to nine hours per night; only some of this sleep offers restorative benefits. Called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, this period is crucial for repairing both the body and the mind. Unfortunately, because it takes the body a while to enter this stage of sleep, frequent waking or shallow sleep can prevent it from happening at all. Since it causes breathing difficulties which prevent long stretches of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, sleep apnea can keep people from attaining healthy amounts of REM sleep. Not only does this promote tiredness and fatigue during the day; studies have linked this sort of sleep deprivation with a host of troubling medical conditions, including dementia, cancer, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

An effective sleep apnea treatment can put an end to these problems by providing clear, unobstructed breathing throughout the entire night. If you live in The Coachella Valley and are always tired, and you believe that you suffer from sleep apnea, please contact Bittner Dental Clinic. Dr Bittner has been treating Sleep Apnea for over 20 years with a high level of success either through full mouth reconstruction or oral appliance therapy. Please call Fran and Monica to make an appointment today. 760 346 8901