quip | Blog | Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

Brushing your teeth and eating breakfast are dawn-non-negotiables, just like watching 30 minutes of Instagram Stories before finally getting out of bed.

Brushing your teeth in the morning is important because it resets your mouth ready for the foods of the day and removes the bacteria that grows in your mouth overnight. This bacteria causes morning breath and turns sugar into acid (that’s why sugar is bad for your teeth). Brushing in the morning makes sure your teeth wake up on the right side of clean, ensuring long-lasting health (so long as you’re also brushing at night of course – something we tried to make less of a chore with the super silent and sensitive vibrations of quip) for a long, healthy life.

And skipping breakfast? Also not a healthy option. According to Jessica Young, Head of Product at Daily Harvest, your first bites of the day have a big impact on your metabolism for the rest of your day, but a healthy breakfast doesn’t need to take an age to prepare,

“Smoothies and breakfast bowls, like those we make at Daily harvest, are ideal for the morning not only because they are light, filled with nutrients and gentle on teeth, but because they take no time at all to prep.”

In short, you should definitely brush before breakfast. We recommend waking up, taking a big gulp of water, then brushing right before doing anything else.

“If you’re adamant about brushing after eating, wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing,” according to Dr. Hariawala, because your enamel needs time to chill before being brushed.

Happy brushing and breakfast-ing (in that order)!