About Artistic Dentistry

Dentistry with a genuine artistic replication of nature

Bitter Dental Clinic Dr. Bittner is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the country. In addition to running a full-time private practice that specializes in comprehensive esthetic restorative dentistry, Dr. Bittner is also a nationally-recognized speaker and dental educator. In this series, she discusses a few of the most common issues she gets asked by patients at his practice.

What Is Involved in an Artistic Smile Design?

An artistic smile design involves much more than just whitening someone’s teeth and putting on braces.  When a patient decides to have their smile redone, we invite them to share their dreams, desires and expectations with us.  It is always best for us to first fully develop and understand your goals.

To do this, a full assessment of the existing circumstances is completed.  This includes documenting with photography the facial asymmetries, lip drape and movement patterns, how the teeth are displayed with normal speech and with all smiles in all directions.  The facial mask is called the “picture frame for the smile”.  Many clients are not aware that not only can the teeth and gums be altered, but also that picture frame.

Once the documentation process is complete, we work hard to fully disclose the circumstances in a way that you can understand with a gentle personal touch.  If you understand your options, you can make better decisions.  A collaborative process begins where the options are explored on how to move the existing to the desired outcome.  Each client varies in their schedule, temperament, motivation, level of hygiene, planned financial investment, and their willingness to hold out for the ideal.  We try to help our patients to decide what is best for them.  We prefer to offer a gentle touch with final treatment decisions.

What Role Does Translucency Play in the Look of a Veneer?

Natural teeth are very translucent, which is why top-rated dentists make it their goal to create porcelain veneers that maintain as much of that translucent look as possible.  There are many porcelain choices that serve well for different treatment agendas.  Most of the porcelain choice decisions are made soley by the dentist. The dentist also picks the laboratory technician to create the restorations.  Most patients have no idea of how variable the cost is of the restorations that are created for them.  As with every profession, there is a bell shaped curve of talent and outcome quality.  The higher end dentists are using the finest laboratories using the most life-like porcelain in the most artistic ways.

What Type of Pre-Planning is Necessary to Ensure a Good Dental Implant Restoration?

Before putting a dental implant in, a dentist needs to do a fair amount of preparation to ensure that she knows exactly where that implant will be going and which type of implant she needs to use.