Mouth-Body Quiz

Have you ever wondered about the oral-systemic link? The goal of natural dentistry is to find out how health problems begin in your mouth.

Dental diseases indicate problems with the core processes in your body.

These include:

Bone and calcium homeostasis

Breathing and oxygen balance

The microbiome and immune system

Research now provides a link between these processes that begin in the mouth with conditions all over the body.

The Mouth-Body Quiz assesses how your bleeding gums, teeth cavities, and the oral microbiome may link to other issues.

It will assess three core problems that cause dental disease:

Vitamin D status

Sleep disorders

The oral and gut microbiome

After taking the quiz you will receive a score and relative risk in each category. If you are positive any category, it’s advisable to seek further diagnoses if you are to truly heal your body.

To heal your body, you must first heal your mouth. The Mouth-Body Connection Health Quiz will assess how to start your healing process beginning with your dental health.

Let’s take The Mouth-Body Connection Health Quiz now!