Results speak for themselves. Especially those that deliver on such a small investment of your time and effort.

That’s a lot to expect. But Saliwell delivers.

And 15 minutes a day could be life-changing if…you suffer from dry mouth…like over 100 million people do worldwide.

Saliwell is a wearable oral appliance that stimulates saliva production. Use it 15 minutes a day.

  • Experience a 20% increase in saliva production within one month!
  • Increase your saliva production up to 40% with consistent use for eight months!

Why a wearable solution works

Your mouth is your body’s gateway. You rely on it for nourishment, quenching your thirst, and enjoying your favorite foods and beverages. It’s also your “ticket” to conversation, communication, and…intimacy.

Your overall vitality depends on your mouth.

And dry mouth syndrome puts it at risk!

Saliwell is the result of one man’s 15 year quest to solve dry mouth syndrome. And it’s the first…yes, first…FDA approved oral appliance that helps provide physical and mental relief from dry mouth.

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